Child Protection/Safeguarding Children

At Milby Nursery & Kids' Club our  prime responsibility is the welfare and well-being of each child in our care.  We have robust procedures in place, ensuring staff are appropriately trained to recognise possible signs of abuse.

Staff will complete Form C (green form) to any log concerns about a child's safety and welfare.  Following local authority and national guidelines, we will report any concerns that a child is suffering any form of neglect, abuse or cruelty to the local MASH team (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub).

We have a Primary Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and four other members of staff trained to take the lead responsibility for safeguarding and co-ordinate child protection and welfare issues.  Details of DSLs can be found on the safeguarding boards in both nursery rooms and  in the community room of Milby Primary School.

Milby Nursery & Kids' Club has a robust Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Policy following local authority and national guidelines, copies of which can be viewed in both nursery rooms and the community room.  Copies can also be obtained from the nursery office.

 For further information on local guidelines and multi agency procedures go to:

 Operation Encompass - MNKC is part of a joint initiative with Warwickshire Country Council and Warwickshire Police.  Its aim is to help schools and settings to provide support to children that have been present or a witness of any domestic violence.  Parents/carers have the option to 'opt out' (notify us if you wish to do so) however, the police may still share information with us if they decide there are any significant concerns.